• Fine pine bark (0–15 mm) 26 EUR/m³
  • Decorative bark (15–48 mm) 32 EUR/m³
  • Coarse bark mulch (48–60 mm) 25 EUR/m³  
  • Unsorted pine bark - price 21 EUR/m³  
  • NEW PRODUCT - Pine wood chips 25 EUR/ m³ 
  • 80 l packaged bark bag 4.8 EUR
  • Packaged mulch 1 pallet (30 bags/2.4 m³) 118 EUR
  • Big-Bag 1.8 m³ 0-15 mm  59 EUR/bag
  • Big-Bag 1.8 m³ 48-60 mm  59 EUR/bag 
  • Big-Bag 1.8 m³ 15-48 mm 67 EUR/bag
  • Big-Bag 1.8 m³ (unsorted) 53 EUR/bag 
  • NEW PRODUCT  - Big-Bag 1,8 m3 pine wood chips  

All prices include VAT.


NB! Selling of unpackaged bark begins from 1m³ (equal to the size of a regular car trailer). The trailer will be measured by a salesperson. Price will be calculated based on the fully loaded size of the trailer, without treading the load and without overloading. The sale will not be concluded using containers (bags, boxes, big-bags etc) potentially provided by the buyer.

In case of larger quantities we offer a fee-based transportation service.

You can order a car sized 8 m³, 13 m³, 18 m³, 20 m³, 30 m³, 40 m³, 50 m³ 60 m³ 70 m³ and 80 m³. Transportation fee shall be calculated based on the kilometres driven to and from the destination.

Price for a car sized 8 m³ is 0.65 EUR+VAT per kilometre.

Price for cars sized 13–18 m³ is 1 EUR+VAT per kilometre.

Price for cars sized 20–40 m³ is 1.2 EUR+VAT per kilometre.

Price for cars sized 50–80 m³ and cars with a trailer is 1.45 EUR+VAT per kilometre.

Unpackaged bark can only be pre-ordered and purchase order lead time can only be one week. The lead time might become longer depending on the season.